Keith R.A. DeCandido (kradical) wrote,
Keith R.A. DeCandido

From Twitter 05-15-2010

  • 11:04:45: There are few things in the world more smile-inducing than a golden retriever galumphing through a back yard.
  • 11:06:47: RT @Rockne_S: Great conf call with B Henson yesterday, and we're meeting next week. Can't say a word about it. New and exciting. Oops, I ...
  • 11:07:38: RT @daytonward: LOL! RT @colestratton NBC has canceled Heroes. That is, until Jay Leno decides he wants to play Sylar.
  • 17:33:46: @savvymavvy I'm about to have a golden, yes. :)
  • 17:39:56: RT @calreid: I heard that! RT @caseymckinnon: I HATE motion comics... Make an effing cartoon already!!!
  • 20:59:30: 600 words on the D&D novel, then went to dinner with cool folks. Now back to it before DOCTOR WHO.... #amwriting
  • 22:06:03: ...and another 400 to make it an even thousand on the day so far. Time to watch DOCTOR WHO. #amwriting
  • 23:53:39: "Amy's Choice." Continuing to love the non-Dalek parts of Moffat's first year on #DoctorWho is all I'll say for now. :)

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