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anatomy of a weekend

Friday: Do Census work until 4.30 or so. Pack up some stuff in the car and head down to the SoHo Gallery for Digital Art for the opening of "Otherworld Art." (And if you haven't gone down to see it yet, why haven't you? It's got amazing art by Jim Burns, Tom Canty, Larry Dixon, Bob Eggleton, Donato Giancola, John Harris, Bruce Jensen, Gary Lippincott, Stephan Martiniere, Cliff Nielsen, and John Picacio, and it only runs until 5 June....) At about 8.45, a bunch of us trundle to Lombardi's for dinner, then off to Delaware.

Saturday: Drop off books at Goodwill, then pick up a 26-foot U-Haul. With the help of two hired big strong guys and two good friends, load the U-Haul all day and evening, with one dinner break.

Sunday: Finish loading the truck at 6am, then hit the road to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to get stuff out of housemate's storage unit. Miss an exit, adding 45 minutes to travel time, as next exit isn't for 18 miles. Pack up truck and head to NYC. Unload most of the truck with help from Cousin and three good friends. Park the truck on the street (yes, really). Consume mass quantities of pizza.

Monday: Drive to storage unit at 7.30am and load remaining contents of truck into it. Return truck (at same location as storage unit). Shower and then go do more Census work. Go to dojo at 8pm for fantastic class even though physically exhausted (class actually rejuvenates me).

Now, instead of half an apartment that at times felt oddly like a dorm room since terri_osborne moved out at the top of the year, this place feels like a home again.

Or, rather, it will once all the boxes are unpacked. *wry grin*

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