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Gary Coleman, Linda Gold, Dennis Hopper, Jose Lima, Michael Pataki, RIP

I've fallen behind on my obits, and we've lost five amazing people recently:

Gary Coleman, best known as the chubby-cheeked child actor on Diff'rent Strokes, and who was plagued with health problems his entire life, died earlier this week after suffering a brain hemorrhage. He was 42, only a year older than me.

Most of you don't know who Linda Gold is, though comics fans may be familiar with her husband, Mike Gold, former editor at DC Comics, and current editor-in-chief of I spent a lot of time hanging out with Linda at New York Comic-Con a couple of years ago, and she was a great great person. She died this morning of a heart attack at the age of 60.

Actor Dennis Hopper lost his battle with prostate cancer today at the age of 74.

Jose Lima was one of the nuttiest pitchers ever to don a big-league uniform -- and that's against some stiff competition. Lima -- who was the best pitcher in baseball for two years, and the worst for a couple of years after that -- died of a heart attack at the absurdly young age of 37. This paragraph links to a magnificent remembrance of "Lima Time" by Joe Posnanski.

Character actor Michael Pataki died last month. Best known as Korax on the classic Star Trek episode "The Trouble with Tribbles" and as Ivan Drago's manager in Rocky IV, Pataki died of cancer.

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