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my new menagerie

As I've mentioned elsewhere, when wrenn and Dale moved up here, they brought their animals with them. Wrenn has a dog and three cats, and Dale has a cat. With terri_osborne having gotten the "kids" in our separation, I'd been animal-less, but these critters have done a fine job of filling the void.

This is Newcastle, Newk for short, who is about 15, and a Russian blue tuxedo. He's very reserved, barely ever meows, and doesn't deal with anyone who isn't Wrenn very well. He's only just now coming around to accepting me and Dale. He loves to drink water out of the tap, and I always know when the water dish in the small bathroom's empty, because Newk will sit on the sink and just stare at us until we refill it.

Rhiannon was a cat who'd wandered into the welding shop where Wrenn's ex-husband worked. She wound up with her when they divorced, as his new girlfriend was allergic. Rhi's a lot like Aoki in several ways: she's wee, although on her it's natural (so she doesn't have the larger head or ears that Aoki has), and she's adorable and likes to explore. But she's quieter and more reserved and less of an affection slut than Aoki. Rhi will demand pettin's, but only for a few seconds before she's done with you. ;)

Jezebelle, or Belle for short, was a rescue who we're pretty sure was abused. It took her a long time to accept any males, but she's come around. Once very skittish, she's now a much friendlier and happier cat. She doesn't wake us up, but the nanosecond we are awake, she's on the bed, demanding scritches. She's also the fuzziest of the cats, and needs to be brushed. Plus she leaves enough fur to build a new cat on the dining-room-floor spot she's come to claim as her own....

Sterling is Dale's cat, and he's a beanbag in feline form. He never met a lap he didn't like, and is generally very friendly, very affectionate, and dumb as a post. He tends to claim Wrenn's and my bed whenever we're not in it (and sometimes when we are).

Finally, we have the dog, Scooter. He's a Golden Retriever, albeit a red one, named after Muppet. He's over 10 years old, and while he still has a puppy's enthusiasm, he no longer has a puppy's stamina (thank Christ). He has bursts of energy -- when he goes out for a walk, or when someone new walks into the apartment -- but he peters out quickly, and spends most of time as a 100-pound orange rug. *laughs* He's incredibly sweet and friendly, and very well behaved most of the time. He also loves peanut butter....

And there you have it -- the new critters in my life. All the animals are more than ten years old, and are all fairly laid back. I was worried that this 3BR apartment would be overrun, but it hasn't been the case at all.....

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