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my Sunday feeling

SCPD is currently with three beta readers who will, no doubt, tell me exactly how badly it sucks. With luck they'll get it back to me by week's end (if not sooner), and then it can go off to my agent so she can tell me how badly it sucks.....

I sent off two short story proposals to an editor for a shared-world project that I can't talk about yet. He liked 'em both (and how nice to get a response within 12 hours....) with comments on both, and we both agreed to go with the second one, with the first one on hold possibly for later use.

Today, we have to finish digging the car out of the snow (we got 2/3 of it done) and do a shopping run and also head over to the parents' for dinner. Cha cha cha. For those of you wondering, I do still love snow, and I love how pretty it makes everything, but I'm starting to grow very concerned with the multiple storms, as we're running out of places to put it......

Last night, wrenn and I watched the 1969 True Grit on AMC (we're probably gonna go see the 2010 one tomorrow), and it was fun. The charm of the movie was entirely on the back of Kim Darby as Mattie, since John Wayne was mostly useless.

Okay, seriously -- I do not get what the big deal is about John Wayne. You know how most of the time Will Smith winds up playing the Will Smith character? But every once in a while (Ali, Six Degrees of Separation) he reminds us that he's a damn fine actor when called upon so to do. John Wayne always played the John Wayne character, but he couldn't do anything else. And it's too bad, because Rooster Cogburn would've benefitted from an actual actor in the role. There's some stellar dialogue in True Grit, and so much of it fell flat coming out of the Duke's overrated mouth.

Watching the movie, though, made me look forward to seeing Jeff Bridges in the role.

But Kim Darby was awesome.

Then we tried to watch Pineapple Express. I honestly do not recall why I put this on my Netflix queue, and watching the movie for an hour did nothing to aid in my recollection. After that, we stopped it, as the movie was beyond stupid, serving mostly to a) remind me why I never liked Seth Rogen (though he was great in Fanboys) and b) show how badly Rosie Perez has aged.

Okay, time to go shovel snow......

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