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The Chronic Rift Network update

I've been dilatory in updating you loyal blog readers on The Chronic Rift Network (which is exactly what I said the last time I updated), so without further ado....
    ---The Chronic Rift Spotlight: Meltdown. John S. Drew presents his first-ever audio drama.
    ---The Chronic Rift Spotlight: Diana Botsford's Epilogue. John S. Drew interviews Diana Botsford about her spiffy new web series produced by her students at Missouri State University.
    ---The Weekly Podioplex. Every Tuesday, Michael Falkner hosts a look at new movies, including that day's DVD releases and the previous weekend's box office. Recent episodes talk about Snow White and the Huntsman, Brave, Madagascar 3, Ted, The Amazing Spider-Man, Ice Age: Continental Drift, and more.
    ---Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast. John S. Drew & Paul K. Bisson provide in-depth looks at episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man, including "Dr. Wells is Missing," "The Last of the Fourth of Julys," and "Burning Bright," with guest pals Matt Hankinson and Dayton Ward.
    ---It Has Come to My Attention. Kevin Lauderdale all lives in the Blu-Ray edition of Yellow Submarine and admires the graphic works of LAT.
    ---Presenting the Transcription Feature. John S. Drew hosts presentations of old-time radio, including The Avengers, The Adventures of Superman, Abbot & Costello, Truth or Consequences, The Whistler, and X-Minus-One.
    ---This and That with Him and Her. The husband-and-wife team of Clay and Debby take a road trip to a family reunion.
    ---The Cardboard Jungle. Anthony Racano and Paul Leoncavallo talk about gaming in the episodes "Better Late than Pregnant" and "The Kids are Alright."
    ---The Chronic Rift Classic. Recent episodes of the 1990s TV show, presented 20 years after their original airing on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network, include discussions of Lost in Space, religion in SF & Fantasy, Jules Verne & H.G. Wells, and The Prisoner, plus interviews, a live extemporaneous creation of a short story, and our 1991 Holiday party. Guests include Terry Bisson, David Chelsea, Greg Cox, Thomas M. Disch, Esther M. Friesner, Janet Kagan, James Morrow, Dean Motter, John Peel, and Robert Quackenbush.
    ---The Chronic Rift Podcast Classic: Re-presenting older episodes of the podcast from our earliest days of podcasting, including Spotlights on Michael Fichera and Glenn Hauman and a Roundtable on Live-Action Role-Playing.
    ---Dead Kitchen Radio: The Keith R.A. DeCandido Podcast. I'm finally back with a new episode of my podcast, talking about my Klingon fiction.

You can get all these episodes off iTunes (there's a subscription for all the network shows), the Rift web site, or Mevio's Rift page. Please comment at the Rift site, on our Facebook page, via e-mail to john at chronicrift dot com, or by phone at 888-866-9010.
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