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updated stalker's guide

Here's an update to where and when I'll be appearing in public over the rest of 2013. These are the definite ones -- it's possible that others will be added.....

15-17 March: Lunacon 56. I will be, as ever, an author guest at this Rye Brook, New York literary SF convention. (Seriously, been going to this one for over two decades....)

7 April: RocCon Hudson Valley. I'm one of the honored guests at this one-day Poughkeepsie, New York SF/comics show. (This is why I won't be at RavenCon, BTW....)

19-21 April: TrekTrax Atlanta. I'm one of the special guests of this spiffy new Trek convention down Georgia way.

3 May: Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction. I'll be doing a live interview on this long-running radio show hosted by Dr. Howard Margolin to talk about SCPD: The Case of the Claw and my various other work.

24-27 May: Balticon 47. I'll be an author/podcaster guest at this Hunt Valley, Maryland con, at which we will be launching Tales from Dragon Precinct at the Dark Quest Launch Party.

20-23 June: PortConMaine. I'm a guest of honor at this Portland, Maine show, my first time back in Maine since college. Really looking forward to it.

26-28 July: OSFest 6. I'll be one of the author guests of honor at this Omaha, Nebraska SF con.

2-4 August: Shore Leave 35. As ever, I'll be an author guest at this Hunt Valley, Maryland media con, as well as a musical guest, as Boogie Knights will be performing.

30 August - 2 September: Dragon*Con 2013. I will be returning to D*C this year as an author guest, no doubt on multiple tracks as usual.

10-13 October: New York Comic Con. The Chronic Rift Network will again be doing several tables in Podcast Alley at NYCC this year.

Other possibilities: Heroes Con in Charlotte in June, Dexcon 16 in Morristown in July, World Fantasy in Brighton in October, Philcon in Cherry Hill in November.

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