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Tuesday's dead

I got a new TV for the bedroom over the weekend, and it's a flatscreen (so we now have two). This necessitated trading out the existing cable box for a new HD one.

Now Plan A was to do this yesterday. See, I had to drive Dale to what turned out to be his final foot doctor appointment on Monday. On days when Dale has (had) to see the doctor, I drove Wrenn to Metro North so she could get to work and I had the car to drive Dale. Wrenn travels from a station that's across the street from an Optimum store--

--or, rather, across the street from what used to be an Optimum store. It closed six months ago. This wouldn't be so bad, except the Optimum service rep I talked to Monday morning said it was open till six. His computer didn't include the info that the place closed six months ago. *headdesk*

So today I had to take the bus for an hour each way to get to the one that was actually, y'know, open and stuff. At least I could work on the bus....

After I got home, I took a quick nap, then went to the dojo for regular class and fighting class, the latter for 15 rounds. *whew* But I feel good.

Back to work.......................

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