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my Sunday feeling

Yesterday was a very productive and useful and exhausting day. I woke up at 8 to go running with my fellow karateka who are going for black-belt promotion, then I helped Shihan with three of the kids classes, then I took the 1pm class, then I got my new phone activated (an HTC droid, replacing the MyTouch that was a nice phone, but which also had a bit too lengthy an interval between when I touched an icon and when the phone deigned to actually perform the action to be performed by the touching of said icon), then we went to a magnificent wine tasting with friends.

Didn't get home until 1.30am, and then I had to be up at 7.15am (with an hour lost to fucking Daylight Savings Time) for a make-up promotion at the dojo. When I promised to help with this promotion, I had totally forgotten about DST, but a) I promised Shihan I'd be there and b) I'd also promised the mother of one of the kids doing the promotion that I'd be there. This kid has overcome a lot of physical problems (he has a genetic muscle disorder) to become a karateka, and he was going for his green belt today. I wanted to be there to support him.

Then I came home and slept from 10am-2pm. Yeah.

I've gotten some stuff done today -- cover copy for both Tales from Dragon Precinct and Ragnarok and Roll -- and now I have to finish an edit. Busy busy busy....

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