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my Lunacon 56 schedule

Here's my schedule for Lunacon 56 this weekend in Rye Brook, New York. EDITED TO ADD: A couple of adjustments have been made....

8.30-9.30pm: "The Biggest Mistakes New Authors Make" (Elijah Budd), w/Danielle Ackley-McPhail, D.L. Carter, Roy Mauritsen, Alex Shvartsman, and Hildy Silverman

11am-noon: autographing (Westchester Assembly), w/Esther M. Friesner and Carole Ann Moleti
2-3pm: "Yesterday is Tomorrow: Time Travel on Star Trek" (Elijah Budd), w/Paul Calhoun, Maria Daggett-Eskinazi, Russell Handelman, Theodore Krulik, and Dan Persons
11pm-midnight: Eye of Argon reading (Westchester A1), w/Hildy Silverman and Michael Ventrella

11am-noon: "Filing Off the Serial Numbers" (William Odelle), w/Will Frank, Roberta Rogow, and James Daniel Ross
12-1pm: "50 Years of Doctor Who" (Westchester Ballroom A2), w/Toni Lay, André Lieven, Jennifer Pelland, and Hildy Silverman
1.30-2pm: reading (Bartell)

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