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Tuesday's dead

Tonight is the last part of the black belt promotion. While not an official part of the promotion process, we always do one last round in our own dojo with all the students, not just the black belts, where candidates are tested one final time. It's an intense workout that everyone participates in (though it's harder on the candidates than anyone else). Afterward, we go to celebrate at a local Japanese restaurant where we eat, drink, and are merry. Usually this last bit is the Monday after promotion, but Shihan postponed it to tonight, since last night was the first night of Passover.

Today, wrenn had an interview with a headhunter that she was very happy with, and it should result in at least one interview with a company soon. Her six-month consulting gig is now approaching its fourteenth month, but -- while her boss is happy to have her as long as she wants -- they're not going to hire her full-time and she needs something with a salary and benefits. Good thoughts from everyone, please.

Elsewhere in my life, my parents finished paying off their mortgage last week. This week, right on schedule, the plumbing basically fell apart. Guys with jackhammers came today to tear the basement floor apart and see what lies underneath. Nice of it to wait until they could afford it with the mortgage payments off the books (and the plumbing was the first thing they were going to tackle with the "windfall," they just didn't think it would be this bad), but damn......

Work has been thin on the ground what with black belt stuff, and that changes tomorrow when I buckle down on The Project That Cannot Be Named (Yet). Dammit.

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