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Star Trek: The Next Generation Rewatch: "Preemptive Strike"

Ro returns -- and then turns right around and leaves again. The TNG Rewatch makes a "Preemptive Strike," as we barrel toward the end. Just one more episode left after this...

An excerpt:
But the story itself plods a bit. The beats are all depressingly predictable and obvious. Santos and Kalita are ciphers, Macias practically wears a neon sign that says “FATHER FIGURE” on his forehead, and everything proceeds exactly as you’d expect, particularly Macias’s oh-so-telegraphed death. It doesn’t help that Echevarria’s script is uncharacteristically clunky (much of the dialogue is flat and expository rather than conversational, even more so than is usual for TNG), and Stewart’s direction remains as lifeless as ever.

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