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Star Trek: The Next Generation Movie Rewatch: Generations

The postscript to the TNG Rewatch kicks off today with looks at the four TNG movies. First up, Emily Asher-Perrin on Generations. It'll continue with me on First Contact on Friday, and Insurrection and Nemesis being covered next Tuesday and Friday.

An excerpt:
Captain Picard is given trauma to deal with from the get-go because without the death of his family, it seems he would have no reason at all to be tempted by the Nexus. Does anyone really buy this? Or buy into the idea that Picard’s ideal fantasy is to live somewhere in Victorian England with half-a-dozen perfect Victorian kids, and a wife who spends her days slaving over their roast goose dinners? Jean-Luc has an appreciation for history and anthropology, and we could even argue that he’s something of a throwback in his refined tastes, but his idea of “a blanket of joy” being the ultimate example of ye olde western European privilege is sort of off-putting. Combine that with his parental scolding of Captain Kirk, and the current Captain of the Enterprise comes off nothing like his usual enlightened self.

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