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Star Trek: The Next Generation Movie Rewatch: First Contact

"The line must be drawn here!" "It's my first ray-gun." "Assimilate this!" "Rock and roll!" "He's nuts!" "Watch your caboose, Dix." "To hell with our orders." "I'm a doctor, not a doorstop." "Tough little ship." "Little!?" "You broke your little ships." "Resistance is futile." The TNG Movie Rewatch continues with my look at First Contact.

An excerpt:
Cochrane is incredibly uncomfortable with the hero worship he’s getting from the Enterprise crew. The tipping point is Barclay fangoobering him and La Forge telling him about the statue that will be erected in his honor (and also that he went to Zefram Cochrane High School), and Cochrane runs away. Riker and La Forge catch up to him, but he refuses to go back (“I don’t want to be a statue!”). Riker finally just shoots him on stun and has done with it.

Also check out Emily Asher-Perrin's look at Generations. Look for Insurrection and Nemesis next Tuesday and Friday, respectively.

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