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midweek music: "Walk This Way"

In 1986 (the year I graduated high school), Run-DMC was on top of the world. Aerosmith had fallen into relative obscurity. It's easy to forget that now that it's gone the other way around (Run-DMC officially broke up when Jam Master Jay was shot and killed in 2002, though "Run" Simmons and Daryl McDaniel have gotten together again here and there), but Run-DMC got together with Mssrs. Tyler & Perry to do a rap-tinged remake of Aerosmith's "Walk This Way." Indeed, this remake put Aerosmith back on the proverbial map.

Even now, 27 years later, it's a radical melding of rock and rap, and of white and black, that you rarely see, and it's an absolute joy to watch. If you can't watch this video without a big grin on your face, you have no soul. So there.


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