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13 for April '13 on the Pinstriped Bible

On the Pinstriped Bible, I provide a list of 13 notable things about the Yankees in April 2013 -- and 11 of them are positive! (Well, okay, one can go either way, but still....)

An excerpt:
9. They're bunting waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much. Okay, it's Friday night. The Yankees are facing the Jays, who have been forced to throw Mets castoff Laffey out there because Josh Johnson is hurt.* Laffey has just walked the worst hitter on the team, Ben Francisco, who had only walked twice prior to that, and who hadn't even gotten his OBP above .200 until that walk. So what does Brett Gardner do? Does he work the count on the Mets castoff who just walked the worst hitter on the team? No, he bunts on the second pitch, handing back the out that the Jays handed the Yanks when they walked the worst hitter on the team. Adding insult to injury, Laffey then walks Nix and Cano, loading the bases with only one out. The Yanks only scored one run in that inning, and it's primarily due to Gardner and Girardi playing baseball like it's the National League in 1964 and the pitcher's at bat. The Yanks are currently tied for second in the league in sacrifice hits, which is obscene. Notwithstanding #8 on this list [which was about how strong the Yanks' offense has been], this isn't a team that can afford to throw away outs.

* With Reyes on the DL, Johnson hurt, and John Buck traded to the Mets, the Jays currently only have the services of two of the five guys they got from the Marlins, Mark Buehrle and Emilio Bonifacio.

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