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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: "The Die is Cast"

Garak tortures Odo, Sisko disobeys orders, Eddington obeys orders, Tain gets hoist on his own petard, the Dominion threat gets some teeth, and we get one of the best closing scenes in Trek history. The DS9 Rewatch sees that "The Die is Cast."

An excerpt:
It’s a great character piece and a great action piece, with points to both writer Ronald D. Moore, who killed it in the script, and director David Livingston. The camerawork is superb here, from the great angle on Odo as he thrusts his arm out in a futile attempt to change shape to an excellent use of close-ups during several conversations. Best of all is the superb closing scene with the close-up of Garak in profile and the shadowy reflection of Odo in the mirror, one of the most visually impressive and vivid scenes in the show’s history, punctuated by Garak sad returning of the favor to Odo by confessing something he doesn’t want to admit to anyone else: that he’s a very good tailor.

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