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my Arisia 2014 schedule

Here's what I'm doing at Arisia 2014 next weekend in Boston. EDITED TO ADD: self defense workshop Sunday morning!

8.30-9.45pm: reading, w/Alexander Feinman and Mijan (Hale) -- expect me to read from The Klingon Art of War

1-2.15pm: autographing, w/Charles Gannon and Don Sakers (Galleria -- Autograph Space)
4-5.15pm: "Orphan Black," w/Gordon Linzner, Sarah Smith, Justin du Coeur, and Isabel Schechter (Paine)
11.30pm-12.45am: "Eye of Argon reading," w/Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Walter Hunt, Daniel M. Kimmell, and Hildy Silverman (Bullfinch)

9.30-10.45am: self-defense workshop (Commonwealth 1W)
11.30am-12.45pm: "George R.R. Martin is Still Not Your Bitch," w/Tanya Huff, Leigh Perry, Ian Randal Strock, and Kiini Ibura Salaam (Burroughs)
4-5.15pm: "State of the Trek 2014," w/Bob Chipman, Karl T. Winkler, Mijan, and Morgan Crooks (Otis)
7-8.15pm: "So You Think You Can Write a Fight," w/Genevieve Iseult Eldgredge, Max Gladstone, Michael McAfee, Steve Balzac, Mark Millman, and Nicole L. Mann (Griffin)

Nothing scheduled for Monday, though I was hoping to be doing a self-defense workshop, which might still be happening....

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