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stuff what I've found on the Internet

The 50 greatest last shots in film history. There are things missing from this, and Big Night should for damn sure be higher, but it's still a cool thing.

Mary Shelley letters discovered in Essex. As a Mary Shelley nerd, this is awesome, especially since the letters are from later in her life, around 1831 or so, with some interesting insights into Mary's later life after all the most important people in her life (save her one surviving son) were dead.

L. Ron Hubbard's great-grandson does a speaking song about how Scientology got started. I found the revelations in this piece not in the least bit surprising at all, but some may be shocked to see just what a crock of bullshit Scientology is.

The cancer study in which Jay Lake has enrolled. Since his diagnosis with cancer, Jay's blog has been a fascinating, heartbreaking chronicle of his fight against this disease which is going to kill him, it's just a matter of when. This study, besides being some incredibly cool, as Jay puts it, Very Big Science, is also the latest instance of Jay giving cancer a much-deserved middle finger.

Susan G. Komen took a 22% financial hit last year after they dissed Planned Parenthood. So nice to see repulsive actions actually having consequences. While I'm sorry that a breast cancer charity is losing money, they're lying in a bed they made.

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