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The Chronic Rift Network update

Here's the latest from The Chronic Rift network of pop-culture podcasts.......

The Chronic Rift
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    Spotlight: Doctor Who's Patrick Troughton. Continuing our monthly look at each of the twelve Doctors, Krissy Myers hosts a look back at the second person to play the Doctor, joined by Arnold T. Blumberg of The G2V Podcast and longtime Who fan Dale Mazur.

    Classic Rewatch: Quantum Leap. From 1990: the second episode of the public access show as hosts Judy Furnari and Keith R.A. DeCandido are joined by screenwriter Duane Brodnick and students Juliette Moore and Marina Frants to discuss the Donald P. Bellisario time-travel show starring Scott Bakula.

Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast
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    "The Price of Liberty." John S. Drew and Paul K. Bisson are joined by Special Guest Pal, award-winning and best-selling author Robert J. Sawyer to discuss this episode of The Six Million Dollar Man in which the Liberty Bell is stolen and Steve Austin has to get it back.

Cinefantastique Online
web site | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

The Weekly Podioplex
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    January 14, 2014. Michael Falkner looks at a week that has very little TV on DVD, but a lot of box-office competition for last week's top-grosser Lone Survivor.

The Sci-Fi Diner
web site | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube
    Episode 193: Contact. Scott Hertzog, Miles McLaughlin, M. Sieiro Garcia, and Jim Arrowood look back at the 1997 film adaptation of Carl Sagan's novel, starring Jodie Foster.

All of the above are available through iTunes or the Rift web site. You can comment here, on the web site forums, on the Rift Facebook page, by e-mail to john at chronicrift dot com, or by phone at 888-866-9010.

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