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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: Third Season Overview

The Dominion threat! Odo's evolution! Sisko's promotion! Nog wants to join Starfleet! Garak really is a spy! The Mirror Universe! Keiko doing what she should've been doing all along! Bajoran politics! Cardassian politics! Quark's family! And bunches more as the DS9 Rewatch does the third season overview.

An excerpt:
Plus, the character work this season is superb. Of particular note is some stellar acting, particularly Nana Visitor’s refusal to give in when confronted with the idea of being a Cardassian sleeper agent in “Second Skin,” Avery Brooks trying to survive the 21st century in the “Past Tense” two-parter, Rene Auberjonois’s impressive display of Odo’s evolution over the course of the season, pretty much every single moment Andrew J. Robinson is on screen, and, perhaps most impressively, Aron Eisenberg’s heartfelt delivery of Nog’s explanation of why he wants to join Starfleet in “Heart of Stone.”

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