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my friend SM Rosenberg on MLB's failure to merchandise to women

The LoHud Yankees Blog has been doing its annual series of "pinch-hitter" blogs, and the one that went up today is by my buddy SM Rosenberg, who waxes rhapsodic on the subject of MLB's utter failure to market to female fans. Given the huge number of female baseball fans I have in my life -- including both my fiancée and my mother, not to mention folks like Rebecca Glass, Cecilia Tan, Emma Span, Laura O'Keefe, and dozens more -- this piece rings true. Hell, I talk baseball with my mother a helluva lot more than I do with my father......

Money quote:
My point is, something sparked me into becoming a baseball fan, and it wasn’t the men in my life. Something about baseball itself struck a chord and I came to love it entirely independently of them.

That’s what I loved about Amy Adams’ character in “Trouble With The Curve.” That movie had some issues with oversimplification of baseball, but what rang truest to me was the portrayal of a woman who loved baseball because she loved baseball, almost despite its associations with her father, not because of them.

But clearly there persists this idea that female appreciation of baseball is fundamentally different from male appreciation of baseball. Hence all the ladies merchandise and memorabilia being pink. Do you know how many professional sports team logos look better in pink? Zero, that’s how many.

And then there was that time when I got an email from MLB, advertising a father-son sweepstakes. At first, I was ticked off for being disqualified since I am neither a father nor a son. Then I read the fine print and discovered that there was no gender requirement; it was just a plain old two-ticket sweepstakes with a particular marketing campaign. So then I was ticked off about being completely sidelined by this marketing campaign. There’s never going to be a mother-daughter sweepstakes. Well, there might be, but I’m sure it would be for Breast Cancer Awareness Day. And everything would be pink.

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