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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: "The Way of the Warrior"

Sisko has a new bald head, Worf has a new home, Cardassia has a new government, and the Klingons have a new flagship (and they're not afraid to use it). The DS9 Rewatch kicks off the fourth season in grand fashion with "The Way of the Warrrior."

An excerpt:
Even without the shifts in the balances of power, this would be a great episode. The entire cast shines brightly, from Dax’s continued attempts to get Kira to enjoy life for once, to Odo and Garak sharing breakfast, to Sisko’s deepening relationship with Yates, to Bashir’s bantering with Odo and snarking off Dukat, to Garak and Dukat’s mutual loathing society, to Quark and Garak’s magnificent root beer conversation (seriously, best two-person scene ever), to, of course, the arrival of Worf.

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