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my LI-Con 1 schedule

This coming weekend is the inaugural LI-Con, to be held from 29-30 March 2014 in Rockville Center, New York. I will be one of the author guests at this con which is a kind of satellite to I-Con. Here's my planned schedule:

10.30-11.30am: "Collaborating," w/Bill Fawcett, Paul Barnett (a.k.a. John Grant), and Jody Lynn Nye (Salon C)
11.30am-12.30pm: "Self-Defense for the Fan," w/T.J. Glenn and John Rennie (Salon D)
1.30-2.30pm: reading & autographing (room 469)
9-11pm: "Cards Against LI-Con," w/whoever chooses to play (Salon D)
11pm-1am: "Eye of Argon Reading," w/whoever chooses to join us (Salon D)

10-11am: "My Inspirations," w/Roy Mauritsen and Alex Shvartsman (Salon D)
5-6pm: mass autographing, w/all the author guests (room 469)

Please note that the site of the autographings (room 469) is tentative and subject to change.

Hope to see folks there!

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