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Balticon 48 schedule

Here's my tentative schedule for Balticon 48, to be held this weekend at the Hunt Valley Inn, north of Baltimore. Still waiting to hear on readings, autographings, and a self-defense workshop.... EDITED TO ADD: my reading and my autographing, as well as my fellow participants. No self-defense workshop, sadly.

7pm: "Crime Investigation in a Fantasy or SF Setting," w/Michael Black, Charlie Brown, John L. French, and Melissa Scott (Salon B)

1.30pm: reading, w/Robert Chase, Michael Flynn, and John C. Wright (Pimlico)
7pm: "Shortening Your Books and Stories," w/Tim Burke, Betsy Riley, Mary Turzillo, and Steven H. Wilson (Parlor 1026)

10am: "How Not to Break Into Print," w/Joshua Bilmes, Lawrence M. Schoen, Ian Randal Strock, and Mark Van Name (Salon A)
11am: autographing, w/Alessia Brio (Maryland Foyer)
5pm: "Dueling Drabbles," w/Ruth Lampi, Hugh O'Donnell, Peter Prellwitz, and Hildy Silverman (Parlor 1041)
7pm: Dark Quest launch party (Con Suite)
9pm: Boogie Knights concert (Salon C)

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