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so I did GISHWHES.....

For the second year in a row, I participated in the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, or GISHWHES, which was created by actor Misha Collins (who plays Castiel on Supernatural) a bunch of years ago. I've been part of Team Inevitable Innuendo, along with a bunch of other crazy folks, including fellow genre authors and dear friends Laura Anne Gilman and Madeleine Robins, equally dear friend Dori, as well as April, Nick, Myra, Nova, Leigh, Joanna, Kristen, Rebeccah, Ben, and a ridiculous number of women named "Cat" (actually only three).

We got a goodly number of the 200+ items submitted -- about 40% of the list got sent in -- and here are a couple of highlights from my own contributions. (We also have a tumblr account that shows some of our stuff, and which will have more over the course of the next week.)

One item was to create a tribute to Leonard Nimoy. It had to be an image, which scotched my initial notion, which was a dramatic reading of Spock's death scene from Vonda N. McIntyre's novelization of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Instead, I wrote a drabble:

We had to create a photo of the entire team with mustaches, preferably fake ones, so I supplemented my own soup strainer with some of Wrenn's hair....

Then we tweeted a photo to Rick Santorum of a same-sex couple kissing. Our dear friends Meredith and Anneliese were happy to oblige (they've been happily married for many years now):

Another task was to take an elderly relative to a location from childhood and share a memory of that location. My 71-year-old aunt can see the house she grew up in from the patio of her current apartment, so I filmed her standing there recounting her memories of growing up there:

We had to write a 250-word (or less) manifesto of how we want to change the world, plus accompanying picture. So I wrote a treatise on why everyone should be a fan of the New York Yankees. The picture (taken at Shore Leave) has me in full Yankees regalia, with a Nationals fan, a Phillies fan, and a Mets fan putting in their two cents (they were, respectively, Meredith, Zan, and the mighty Bob Greenberger).

My absolute favorite task was to take a slogan and translate it into legalese:

Then there was the campaign video. The exact phrasing was about how everyone wants to be president or prime minister or king. So I decided to do a campaign video for king. There was supposed to be a celebrity endorsement, and actor David Nykl (Zelenka on Stargate Atlantis and Anatoly Knyazev on Arrow) was happy to oblige at Shore Leave this weekend:

Then there was a real fun one: show the beginning of Supernatural's 50th season, for which I recruited by father and the Infomancer to play Sam and Dean......

Then, at last, we have the Times Square tasks. Each weekday last week, GISHWHES folk were encouraged to gather in Times Square near the TKTS booth and the big red steps. Each day there was a different preliminary instruction, and then the actual task was provided by Collins on the jumbotron.

Circumstances only permitted me to go on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Tuesday, the instruction was to show up in a kale tutu and the task was to do a cartwheel. Then on Wednesday we had to show up in a white t-shirt and bring a sharpie, and the task was to get at least 30 people to sign our shirt.

Again, our team's entire photo archive is on tumblr, so check that out, as the other team members did even more amazing stuff than I managed......
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