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my Sunday feeling

This was an unexpectedly fun weekend. Our friend Eric was already scheduled to come up, and he surprised us by bringing Meredith along! Meredith wanted to surprise us, and it totally worked. We had a great time yesterday at Danielle's birthday party (which involved a lot of time in Danielle's pool) and today at the Cloisters, ending it with a lovely dinner at a local Japanese place. We feel happy and rested and having enjoyed the company of two dear friends.

As an added bonus, my editor on the Heroes Reborn novella loved it! His exact words: "I really love your writing. I fucking love it." *goes over the moon*

Anyhow, here are some pics from the weekend:

Just about everybody who was at Danielle's party, gathered 'round the pool (or in it, as Eric, Meredith, Wrenn, and I were).

Wrenn, Meredith, and Eric in Fort Tryon Park.

The view of the Palisades from the Cloisters.

KALE! (People who did GISHWHES will understand while that's hilarious.) In the herb garden at the Cloisters.

The George Washington Bridge as seen from the herb garden.

The herb garden

Doing bits of work tonight -- revising a plot, watching more episodes of Stargate Universe. Tomorrow, we have to renew the car's registration (the DMV! Yay! *sigh*) and get laundry done, while I intend to work hard on the writing sample that needs to go with the proposal I revised, and also do the TOS Rewatch for "Space Seed." Then Tuesday, I dive into "Baker's Dozen." Dammit.

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