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Tuesday's dead

Need to get more writing done today. The second book of the trilogy is slogging along at a distressingly slow pace, and it's fucking everything else up.

Been catching up on TV. Since we haven't done an in-review episode of The Chronic Rift in a while, here are some quick thoughts:

Agent X is intriguing -- parts of it are brilliant, like the interagency bitching and pretty much every time Gerald McRaney opens his mouth; parts of it aren't, like the lack of concern for collateral damage in the fight scenes (especially for someone who's supposed to be the world's most covert operative) and the absurd notion that anyone would try to poison the head of the CIA on the verandah outside the vice president's residence, which is a space always under surveillance.....

Major Crimes continues to be a delight. Just a fun, well-put-together procedural with a superb cast.

Doctor Who is having its best season since 2005, and I don't say that lightly, as the 2005 season remains the high-water mark of 21st-century Who that has not been matched since. (Christopher Eccleston is far and away the best Doctor of the revival.) But this one may match it, as Peter Capaldi has settled into the role beautifully, his rapport with Jenna Coleman is superb, and the writing has been stronger. While Steven Moffat has always been an excellent writer, his abilities as a show-runner have been scattershot, but this season actually is the first time it feels like he has a plan and knows what he's doing. We'll see how that holds up....

Arrow is still holding strong, and in fact stronger than last year, which was kind of a mess, mostly because there's been progress. I particularly like the fact that Oliver is actually calm and centered this year instead of being angsty and/or angry. Plus: Neal McDonough!

Supergirl is an absolute treat. Melissa Benoist is perfect, and Mehcad Brooks is fantastic as James Olsen.

The Librarians and The Player are both show-run by John Rogers, but the latter has already been cancelled, sadly, probably because the lead is good but not great, and the attempt to capture the Blacklist vibe with Wesley Snipes doesn't take into account that Snipes is no James Spader. Meanwhile, The Librarians is actually better this season now that the team has settled into a rhythm.

Gotham is still a mess, but the good parts (Donal Logue, Sean Pertwee, Donal Logue, Michael Chiklis, Donal Logue, Morena Baccarin, Donal Logue, Robin Lord Taylor, Donal Logue, and also Donal Logue) mostly make up for the bad (the inconsistent writing, the inconsistent tone, the inconsistent acting on the part of most of the rest of the cast).

I have other thoughts, but I'll post them another time.

Funniest thing I read on the Internet today, on the Gum Wall in Seattle, which I hadn't heard of until a Pacific NW friend mentioned it today:

"It was named one of the top 5 germiest tourist attractions in 2009, second to the Blarney Stone."

Second funniest thing I read on the Internet today, on John Scalzi's Whatever blog entry on why you should vote for each of the other nine novels nominated for Best Science Fiction Novel on GoodReads besides his own The End of All Things:

"You should vote for Star Wars: Aftermath because it’s one of the best Star Wars novels yet, and it annoys whiny bigots as well, which is its own special reward."

Okay, back to the grind, especially since I have to teach two kids classes at the dojo tonight, and will probably also take the 7.15 class........

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