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excerpt from Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World

The fine folks at Entertainment Weekly have put up excerpts from the various Heroes Reborn novellas that were released yesterday, including my own Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World. Among other things, it includes a portion of a State of the Union address by the president played by Michael Dorn on the original Heroes TV series.

An excerpt of the excerpt:
“This country’s history has been marred by an inability to accept that which is different, but it’s also been blessed with an ability to move past that. People with skin the same color as me came here in bondage. The Constitution of the United States, as originally written, considered people who looked like me to be only three-fifths of a person. When immigrants from Western Europe, from Latin America, from Eastern Europe came over here, they were initially viewed with distrust and not considered ‘real’ Americans.

“But we’ve been able to move past that. I’m not three-fifths of a person anymore, I’m the President of the United States. Women can own property and vote. You don’t see employment ads reading, ‘Irish need not apply.’ Not that we’re all there—we still have a long way to go, and that is why these ‘Evos’ have felt the need to stay in the shadows. This administration was recently made aware of the existence of ‘Evos,’ thanks in part to the late Senator Nathan Petrelli. Mistakes were made, primarily by a rogue agent who has since passed away. I can assure you that the same mistakes will not be made twice. Evos are people, just like us—just like my ancestors who came to this country in chains, just like so many of your ancestors who came in boats or planes hoping for a better life. The American dream isn’t just for white people, it isn’t just for landowners, it isn’t just for men, it isn’t just for heterosexuals—and it isn’t just for people who don’t have strange powers. It’s for everyone."

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