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Star Trek The Original Series Rewatch: "The Omega Glory" - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
ramblings from a mad fedora'd writer
Star Trek The Original Series Rewatch: "The Omega Glory"
We are reminded that Gene Roddenberry just wasn't all that great a writer..... The TOS Rewatch kills a sacred cow or two while suffering through "The Omega Glory."

An excerpt:
I haven’t even gotten to the offensive racial portrayals here. Tracey expresses surprise that the people “who look like us” are the primitive savages while the “Asiatic” Kohms are kind and gentle, because of course, it should totally be the other way around! (One wonders how Tracey would have responded if Sulu had led the landing party...) And then Kirk makes the connections to the history of the western hemisphere, solely because the Yangs happen to dress like some Native American tribes. And then, of course, the “Asiatics” (wince wince wince) turn out to be the real bad guys (just like the Commies, those bastards!) and the Yangs are the noble freedom-loving folk and all they have to do is read their Constitution and everyone will live happily ever after. And then I start slamming my head into the desk.

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