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stuff what's coming out soon-like - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
ramblings from a mad fedora'd writer
stuff what's coming out soon-like
Since I was talking about this at my Treklanta panel, I figured I'd say something here, too, about what all's coming from me in 2016.

Stargate SG-1: Kali's Wrath should be out some time in May as an eBook and some time in June as a print book, both from Fandemonium Press. I'll have cover and more solid pub dates some time in the next week or so.

Marvel's Sif: Even Dragons Have Their Endings is currently scheduled for June by Joe Books, pending some last-minute approvals happening (not involving the manuscript). Assuming these things go well, the book should be out in a couple months.

Marvel's Warriors Three: Godhood's End should be out in the late summer, early fall, depending, assuming Marvel gives Joe Books an approval on the manuscript. I'm hoping to have all three books in the Tales of Asgard trilogy for Dragon Con.

"Right On, Sister!" will be in Limbus, Inc. Book 3, which is on track for a late July 2016 publication by JournalStone.

"Identity" will be in Alternate Sherlocks, which should be out from Diversion Books by year's end, or in early 2017. I will also have a story in the second Alternate Sherlocks antho with the same two characters (Shirley Holmes and Jack Watson in modern New York City), title TBD.

A Furnace Sealed should be out from WordFire Press by year's end, or maybe in early 2017, depending on how the writing of the book goes.

Mermaid Precinct should be out from Dark Quest Books by year's end, or maybe in early 2017, depending on how the writing of the book goes. *cough*

"Live and On the Scene" will be in Nights of the Living Dead from St. Martins in spring 2017.

Finally, SCPD: Avenging Amethyst will be released serially, in ten 3000-word installments, in a manner that I look forward to announcing soon. So will at least two more SCPD novellas, Undercover Blues and Secret Identities.

I think that's everything a) that's scheduled and b) that I can actually talk about in public.....

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jslinder From: jslinder Date: April 17th, 2016 10:13 pm (UTC) (Link)
*ahem* kickstarter *ahem*
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