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Heroes Reborn Event Series Book 2 sighted in bookstores! - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
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Heroes Reborn Event Series Book 2 sighted in bookstores!
Last year, Bastei Lubbe released six eBooks that tied into the Heroes Reborn miniseries on NBC. The first was David Bishop's adaptation of the pilot episode, released at the same time as that episode, and then the other five were released during the break between the first ten episodes and the final three. One of the latter five was my own Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World.

For the record, this was one of the best tie-in experiences of my career. The production staff worked very closely with all of us to make these novellas tie in directly to the TV series. Every effort was made to make these tales be part of the larger Heroes mythos. I'm extremely pleased with the end result, as I think we all did a superlative job of expanding the tapestry of the universe.

Last month, Titan released Heroes Reborn Event Series Book 1, which collected David's pilot adaptation Brave New World, as well as A Matter of Trust by Timothy Zahn and Dirty Deeds by Stephen Blackmoore.

My friend Nancy found a copy of Book 2 in a bookstore in Washington, Pennsylvania the other day, and the book officially goes on sale on Tuesday.

Here's a copy of the one Nancy found:

As you can see from the cover, Book 2 includes my own novella, sandwiched between Catch and Kill by Duane Swierczynski and A Long Way from Home by Kevin J. Anderson & Peter J. Wacks.

You can preorder the book from the fine folks at Amazon or from the equally fine folks at Barnes & Noble, and of course it should be in all the bookstores by Tuesday if not sooner. Check Indie Bound, if you want to support your local independent bookstore (always a good thing).

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