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Laura Anne Gilman on parents and kids and writing - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
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Laura Anne Gilman on parents and kids and writing
A really really good piece by my dear friend Laura Anne Gilman about the influence of parents on their children who write.

An excerpt:
My father didn’t read fantasy. My father didn’t read much fiction at all, honestly. That all came from my mother. But he did read, and read voraciously, in history. He delved into the why and the who, the elements that drove action, and the results of those actions. And he taught us by example to do the same, seeing absolutely no reason why our gender would or should have any impact on what we were capable of, with no apologies for being smart, or tough, or delicate, or emotional or clinical, and to hell with anyone who tried to shove us into half-a-space because of Being Female.

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