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irons in the fire update - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
ramblings from a mad fedora'd writer
irons in the fire update
How the heck did it get to be May???????

Marvel. Sif: Even Dragons Have Their Endings is done, just waiting for the cover to be finalized. Warrior's Three: Godhood's End is awaiting Marvel's final approval. And I've got another Marvel novel proposal awaiting approval.

Stargate SG-1. As with Sif, we're just waiting for the cover to be finalized on Kali's Wrath, and then it should be out soon. I'm hoping now that this is done we might have a shot at the collaborative project. We'll see.

Tie-in short story. I should have this done today or tomorrow. Looking forward to being able to announce what it is. I can say it's a universe I've never written in before.

Super City Police Department. Avenging Amethyst has been turned in, and the next step is to plot out the next two novellas that are under contract, Undercover Blues and Secret Identities.

Collaborative thriller. Once the story's done, I have to get this novel written. The plot is done, by my collaborator, and I'm writing the novel off that. Should be done by mid-June, I hope.

The Adventures of Bram Gold. Other deadlines leapfrogged the writing of A Furnace Sealed, which doesn't have a set date as such, so WordFire and I have agreed to a new due date. I'll dive back into this after the thriller. Still hoping to have this out this year, but if not, it's not the end of the world. I also need to plot the second and third books out a bit more, as right now they're just short paragraphs.

Dragon Precinct. No, I haven't forgotten "Baker's Dozen" or Mermaid Precinct. I'm hoping to finally tackle "Baker's Dozen" after the thriller is done, and I'm hoping to write Mermaid after the Bram book. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! And I have another idea for another Kickstarted story, but "Baker's Dozen" has to be written first.

Cassie Zukav. "William Did It" is now available in the Story of the Month Club annual anthology for 2015, which is called A Baker's Dozen of Magic. I've been approached to contribute to an anthology that will have another Cassie story in it, tentatively called "Behind the Scenes." And I've got notions for a spring break story, a story about Elena Hoyos and Carl Tanzler, the not-yet-told stories that have been referred to involving a dragon at the Bottroff House and a UFO at Dry Tortugas, and a story called "Ragnarok and a Hard Place."

Limbus Inc. My story for Book 3 of this shared-world anthology series is done. Called "Right On, Sister!" it'll be out in late July. If there are more Limbus books, I would not be averse to working in this milieu again.....

V-Wars. I have no idea if there will be more of Jonathan Maberry's shared-world vampire anthologies, or more comic books, but I have more stories I'd love to tell in this world, mostly involving either reporter Mia Fitzsimmons and/or the NYPD's Vampire Crimes Unit. Meanwhile, we'll always have "The Ballad of Big Charlie" and "Streets of Fire"..........

Mystery novel. This is never far from my thoughts. I'm hoping to get to it after Mermaid, which at this point means some time in 2017.

Shirley and Jack. I'm going to have a story in Alternate Sherlocks called "Identity." It's the first of what I hope to be many stories set in modern New York City featuring Shirley Holmes and Jack Watson. There will be a second Alternate Sherlocks antho, and editors Michael A. Ventrella & Jonathan Maberry have already said that they'd like to see a second Shirley & Jack story for it, so here's hoping........

Nights of the Living Dead. I'm going to have a story in this anthology called "Live and on the Scene." Looking forward to writing it.

Alternate history anthology. This is going to be a Key West story, actually, but not a Cassie story. Still working on the plot.

Crap, that's a lot of stuff.........

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