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I'm writing an Aliens story!

Jonathan Maberry has been an anthology-editing crazy person lately, and for some inexplicable reason, he keeps hiring me to write stories for them. In 2017, Titan will be publishing an Aliens anthology called Bug Hunt, and I'll have a story in it! Called "Deep Background," the story is about a reporter who is embedded with a group of Colonial Marines, and things do not go as planned.

Here's the full list of contributors, listed alphabetically:
    Dan Abnett
    Rachel Caine
    Larry Correia
    Keith R.A. DeCandido
    David Farland
    Matt Forbeck
    Ray Garton
    Christopher Golden
    Heather Graham
    Brian Keene
    Paul Kupperberg
    Tim Lebbon
    Jonathan Maberry
    James A. Moore
    Yvonne Navarro
    Weston Ochse
    Mike Resnick
    Scott Sigler

"Game over, man, game over!"
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