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Star Trek The Original Series Rewatch: "Elaan of Troyius" - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
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Star Trek The Original Series Rewatch: "Elaan of Troyius"
It's the taming of the space shrew! The TOS Rewatch meets "Elaan of Troyius."

An excerpt:
It’s especially frustrating, because there’s the potential for an interesting story here, and it’s one that I think France Nuyen would have been able to pull off. We’ve got a woman who, on the one hand, is the ruler of her world and accustomed to being obeyed by everyone to whom she speaks—yet she is being forced into a marriage against her will. She sees in Kirk a way out, and so she uses her Magic Tears Of Doom to bend him to her will the same way she’s been bending men to her will all her life—but then it doesn’t work, because his sense of duty is greater than her chemically induced infatuation. She could have been a magnificently tragic figure; she could’ve been a complex character.

Instead, she’s a caricature, a “mass of conflicting impulses” like all women, just a spoiled brat who should be spanked, whose sole purpose is to annoy the men around her. At least, that is, until she finds the love of a good man—and there’s no better man than Jim Kirk, ain’t that right, ladies? (Cue wink at the camera.)

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