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review of my Thor novel - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
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review of my Thor novel
The Adventures Thru Wonderland site has a review by Alice L. of my Thor novel Dueling with Giants, giving it 3 of 5 stars. Not the most enthusiastic review, but not the most unenthusiastic, either.....

Money quote:
I loved seeing the character personality show through from anything from as simple as a meal, and carry over to things like fighting style. Many of the characters have traits or quirks, be it size, or how they talk, or even what they use as a weapon, ex. in one of the battles, one of the larger warriors choose to sit on his enemies and talk about all this 'honors'! I also really enjoyed seeing different sides of Loki and Frigga, both in how they care for and treated each other, to how they reacted to the others of Asgard, and even Thor.

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