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only three days left to support Altered States of the Union! - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
ramblings from a mad fedora'd writer
only three days left to support Altered States of the Union!
There's only three crowdfunding days left! If you want to preorder the alternate history anthology Altered States of the Union, featuring alternate versions of the United States edited by Glenn Hauman, you've only got a couple days left to support it!

Here's the full, incredibly cool lineup:
    Russ Colchamiro (Genius de Milo)
    Peter David (Star Trek: New Frontier)
    Keith R.A. DeCandido (Star Trek: The Klingon Art of War)
    Debra Doyle & James D. Macdonald (Bad Blood)
    Brendan DuBois (Blood Foam)
    Malon Edwards ("The Half Dark Promise")
    G.D. Falksen (Cthulhu Fhtagn!)
    Michael Jan Friedman (Star Trek: Death in Winter)
    David Gerrold ("The Trouble with Tribbles")
    Robert Greenberger (Sherlock Holmes: Murder at Sorrow's Crown)
    Alisa Kwitney (New Avengers: Breakout)
    Gordon Linzner (The Troupe)
    Sarah McGill (And the Imps)
    Meredith Peruzzi (first fiction sale)
    Mackenzie Reide (The Mask of the Troll)
    Aaron Rosenberg (No Small Bills)
    David Silverman (Fighting God) & Hildy Silverman (Space and Time)
    Ian Randal Strock (Ranking the First Ladies)
    Ramón Terrell (Hunter's Moon)
    Anne Toole (Crystal Cadets)

What are you waiting for? SUPPORT THIS BOOK! It'll be debuting at Shore Leave 38 in July (at which editor Glenn and at least seven of the authors will be in attendance)

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