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Holy Rewatch Batman! "The Sandman Cometh"/"The Catwoman Goeth" - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
ramblings from a mad fedora'd writer
Holy Rewatch Batman! "The Sandman Cometh"/"The Catwoman Goeth"
It's the Catwoman/Sandman team-up that nobody demanded! (Least of all the original scripter...) The Bat-rewatch does "The Sandman Cometh"/"The Catwoman Goeth."

An excerpt:
It’s not all bad. Spring Byington is a delight as Spaghetti, Michael Rennie brings a certain charm to the Sandman, and the story is generally well populated with capable women, much more so than we usually see in a show that tends to embrace the sexism of its period with both arms. But overall, the story is a mess. It’s unclear what Catwoman brings to the table that necessitates the team-up. If the Sandman’s plan is to marry Spaghetti, why bother taking pictures of her ledger? Why set up Batman trying to gain Catwoman’s cooperation if they don’t need it and will just arrest her in any case?

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