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irons in the fire update - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
ramblings from a mad fedora'd writer
irons in the fire update
Sooper-seekrit project. This is a rush project that I'm basically going to be doing this week. It's a very cool thing, but I signed an NDA, so all I can say is COOL THING! It's a 30,000-word project, and it's -- well, modular, so it should be easy to work on around packing and apartment hunting and stuff.

Thriller. Still working on this. Need to do some research before diving into the next chapter.

Super City Cops. We've rebranded SCPD as Super City Cops, and the three serialized novellas I'm doing in the series are in progress. Avenging Amethyst is all done, Undercover Blues is awaiting editorial feedback, and I'll be working on Secret Identities once I'm sure the second one is kosher.

The Bram Gold Chronicles. The first Bram novel, A Furnace Sealed, is about five chapters in. I'll dive back into it once the thriller is finished. I'm under contract for two novels following that, which I have thumbnail plots for, but no detailed plots or titles. I'll do that once Furnace is finished.

Dragon Precinct. Mermaid Precinct is on the docket for after A Furnace Sealed is done. I also still have to write "Baker's Dozen."

Shirley & Jack. I've written a story called "Identity" for Baker Street Irregulars, a story featuring a young white woman in modern NYC named Shirley Holmes, who solves crimes with the help of an African-American med student at Columbia named Jack Watson. There will be a second BSI anthology, and I should have a Shirley & Jack story in that one as well. And I have an idea for a third story as well....

Cassie Zukav, weirdness magnet. I'll be doing a Cassie story for TV Gods: Summer Programming, which is due in October or so. I also have a few other ideas for Cassie stories, including two untold tales that have been mentioned (Cassie and Rance finding a UFO in Dry Tortugas, Cassie dealing with a dragon in the Bottroff House garden), as well as a story called "Ragnarok and a Hard Place." And I want to do a spring break story.....

Various tie-in short stories. "Ganbatte" for Joe Ledger: Unstoppable, "Deep Background" for Aliens: Bug Hunt, and "Live and on the Scene" for Nights of the Living Dead have all been turned in, and are awaiting approval.

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Current Music: "Good Morning Blues" by Leadbelly

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xenaclone From: xenaclone Date: August 5th, 2016 04:21 pm (UTC) (Link)

Hope you are successful in finding an apartment!

I have contacted my travel insurers.

Please can you send me a corroberating e-mail about your uncertain apartment status, especially that you are not able to guarantee me somewhere to stay. US customs are very hot about visitors having a valid known address on arrival.

This will mean that I can cancel my flights to/from NY and I'll get my money back less a 40GPB admin charge. We'll try to coordinate diaries again once you're settled, hopefully next year!

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