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finally saw Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Finally got around to seeing Batman v. Superman, and all I can say is that the people responsible for creating this movie have absolutely no understanding of, affection for, or interest in the character of Superman. Which is mostly what I thought after seeing Man of Steel, too.

It's a decent Batman movie (though I'm not fond of a Batman who blithely kills people), it's a good Wonder Woman movie (or, at the very least, a good WW tease), but it's a completely misguided and wrongheaded Superman movie. Superman is completely passive and reactive in this movie, spending far too much time standing around looking pained and not nearly enough time doing anything. Since Kevin Costner's awful Jonathan Kent is dead (though he makes a dream sequence cameo), it's left to Diane Lane's Martha to be the shitty Kent parent this time, telling Superman that he doesn't owe the world anything, which is 100% counter to what Superman and his parents are supposed to be about. The whole point of Superman is that he was raised by honest farm folk who see the best in the world, not demi-Objectivists who think that it's important for Clark to hide who he is for fear of how people will respond. A Superman who operates because of fear isn't Superman -- maybe it's Dr. Manhattan or Batman, but not a guy who flies in primary colors through the air.

Perhaps the biggest problem is encapsulated by when the bomb goes off in the Capitol: Superman is just standing there in the flames, not doing anything for several seconds. Then, belatedly, he decides to try to rescue people -- for a little bit, then buggers off. That's not Superman.

But this film isn't interested in heroes, it's interested in damaged people with abilities. Ben Affleck plays an excellent Bruce Wayne, and Jeremy Irons is brilliant as his long-suffering Alfred, but his Batman is far too bloodthirsty.

And ultimately the movie is just an incoherent mess, not aided by a simply dreadful performance by Jesse Eisenberg, who's doing Kevin Spacey's Lex Luthor turned up to 11, which is a problem, as Spacey was doing Gene Hackman turned up to 11, and it just results in him coming across as a psychotic Carrot Top.

The only thing I really liked besides Irons and the previews for what we'll get in Justice League was Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. She was fantastic, her music was fantastic, and I'm even more eager to see her movie next year.....
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