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a nice review of Thor: Dueling with Giants - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
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a nice review of Thor: Dueling with Giants
I'm pleased to see that "The Book Girl" has favorably reviewed my Thor novel Dueling with Giants on her book blog.

Money quote:
Thor: Dueling with Giants turned out better than I could have hoped. Besides the interesting story, this book's greatest strength lies in the author exploring the rich history of the Thor comics and its characters. Not to be overlooked are the action scenes filled with drama and suspense.

For those interested in reading this but only know about Thor from the movies, don't be afraid to give this a chance. The story is easy to follow and the writing will not make you feel as if you need to have had prior comic book knowledge to understand what's going on. But for fans of the Thor comics you will feel as if the author truly did a good job with writing this and actually put in the time to include research. Although this was written for young adults, I think older reads will enjoy it as well.

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