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progress... - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
ramblings from a mad fedora'd writer
I'm working hard on several things at once, one of which is the third of three Super City Cops novellas that will be released later this year. These will be in the same universe as my 2011 novel The Case of the Claw and my stories in the anthologies With Great Power and The Side of Good/The Side of Evil.

The first two, Avenging Amethyst and Undercover Blues, are done. I'm jamming to finish Secret Identities, and I just finished a chapter that includes a lengthy discussion on the subject of secret identities between one of the cops -- Lieutenant Therese Zimmerman -- and Spectacular Man, a.k.a. Marc McLean. Zimmerman and McLean dated for a while, but she only just found out that he's really Spectacular Man. This bit comes toward the end of their rather contentious talk on the subject.....
"It means that everyone Marc McLean knows, loves, is friends with, cares about—you lie to them every single day. And except for—what, Mercury and the Bengal?—that's true of everyone Spectacular Man knows, loves, is friends with, and cares about, too. You call yourself a hero, yet your entire life—really, two entire lives—involve you repeatedly and constantly lying to those closest to you. Every day, you have to deceive the people you love most. What's so damn heroic about that?"

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