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congratulations to the Hugo winners! - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
ramblings from a mad fedora'd writer
congratulations to the Hugo winners!
Congrats to the Hugo winners! This year's slate (ahem) of winners is, just like last year, a magnificent repudiation of the attempt to hijack the awards by the canine contingent. The four major writing awards, the two editing awards, and Best Artist are all women, among them two African-American women and an Asian woman. The Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form) went to a female superhero (the "AKA Smile" episode of Jessica Jones, which was the final episode of its first season, and the one in which Jessica finally got her agency back from Killgrave), The categories that had the most puppy chow (Best Related Work and Best Fancast) went to No Award.

Once again, quality won out over an attempt at an appallingly regressive agenda. And it's getting recognition to authors and artists who truly deserve it. (All four of the people who won the writing awards are superb writers........)

(Also pleased to see "The Roads Must Roll," one of my favorite Heinlein stories, win the Retro Hugo for Best Novelette.)

Tor.com has the full list of winners.

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