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snurched from Elizabeth Donald - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
ramblings from a mad fedora'd writer
snurched from Elizabeth Donald
An amusing meme whereby you post seven paragraphs from the seventh chapter of a work in progress. (Actually, the original meme was seven sentences, but I stole it from Elizabeth, who did seven paragraphs, because she thought that would be cooler, and I tend to agree with her....)

The thing I'm in the middle of right now isn't really divided into chapters as such, plus I signed an NDA, so it can't be that. So I'll go with the third of the Super City Cops novellas, Secret Identities, since I'm still awaiting editorial feedback on that one (the other two novellas are done and approved and revised and stuff, so not really "in progress" anymore).

Here we go:
"Good evening! From Super City, I'm John Wang."

"And I'm Victoria Solano, and you're watching the evening edition of News 6 at 6."

"Tonight we'll look at why the Quitely Museum may have to close for a while, who might be running for mayor next year, and how Nikki Minaj's free concert in Kirby Park will affect rush-hour transit. Plus we'll have Daniel McCall with sports, Natasha Whitaker with weather, and Frieda Beck with traffic."

"But first, our top story. Reports have been coming in all day that Komodo Dragon was badly injured in a battle against an unknown supervillain. Those reports have been sketchy, as reports from the Superlative Six have been difficult to come by since the recent destruction by Amethyst of their blimp headquarters. However, the Six did release a statement through their spokesperson, Sharon Parsons, who gave a press conference an hour ago."

"Good afternoon. Yesterday, Spectacular Man, Komodo Dragon, and Olorun of the Superlative Six followed a lead on a kaiju—a large, lizard-like monster—that was roaming the tunnels underneath Wilsonville. The three heroes encountered the kaiju, and unfortunately did not do well against it. Komodo Dragon has been hospitalized, currently convalescing at Kane Memorial Hospital. At the moment, Spectacular Man and Olorun are missing, as is the kaiju they were pursuing. The Superlative Six is cooperating fully with the Super City Police Department, and we hope that we will be able to locate our two missing team members quickly and safely."

"Ms. Parsons did not take questions from the press, though many were asked. SCPD spokesperson Regina Dent had no specific comment, saying she could not discuss an ongoing investigation, but she was willing to admit that SCPD's assessment of the situation is in line with that of the Six. While on his way to a meeting with the City Council, Mayor Sittler was asked for his take on the situation."

"Let me just say this: the Superlative Six are treasures of this city. It isn't an exaggeration to say that every resident of Super City owes their lives to the hard work and upstanding citizenship of the Superlative Six several times over. In particular, the two who are missing, Spectacular Man and Olorun, are pillars of the community. In addition to his heroic deeds, Olorun has been a stellar role model for African Americans. As for Spectacular Man, his record more than speaks for itself. He is a hero among heroes, and it's honestly because of him more than anyone that I am proud to be mayor of the city that he calls home. It is the fondest hope of City Hall that both these great men are returned to us safe and sound."

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