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SHE RIDES! - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
ramblings from a mad fedora'd writer
In the midst of all the moving mishegoss, I had two deadlines to deal with as well: the Super City Cops novella Secret Identities and a tie-in project that I can't talk about (though I can say it's a book in a licensed universe I've never worked in before). This was a rush project where the originally contracted writer had to pull out suddenly, and I was the pinch-hitter who would be able to get it done quickly. That done-quickly part was hampered by the moving mishegoss, but I finally got the fershlugginer thing done last night (well, technically at 4am this morning). It's off with the editors who will read it over this weekend and give me revision notes on Monday.

So now the number of licensed universes I've worked in is up to thirty:
1. Aliens (one short story)
2. BattleTech (two short stories)
3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (three novels, one reference)
4. Cars (four comic books)
5. Command & Conquer (one novel)
6. CSI (one novel)
7. Doctor Who (three short stories, one anthology)
8. Dungeons & Dragons (one novel)
9. The Executioner (two novels)
10. Farscape (one novel, three short stories, tons of comic books)
11. Firefly/Serenity (one novel, one RPG adventure)
12. Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda (one novel)
13. Heroes (one novella)
14. Joe Ledger (one short story)
15. Kung Fu Panda (one comic book)
16. Leverage (one novel)
17. Magic: The Gathering (one short story)
18. Marvel Comics (five novels, five short stories)
19. Night of the Living Dead (one short story)
20. Resident Evil (three novels)
21. Sleepy Hollow (one novel)
22. Star Trek (16 novels, 13 novellas, six comic books, seven short stories, three anthologies, one reference)
23. StarCraft (one novel, one comic book)
24. Stargate (one novel, one short story)
25. Supernatural (three novels)
26. World of Warcraft (one novel)
27. The X-Files (one short story)
28. Xena/Hercules (two novels, one short story)
29. Zorro (one short story)

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Current Music: "If You Belonged to Me" by the Traveling Wilburys

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