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NYRSF reading a huge success! - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
ramblings from a mad fedora'd writer
NYRSF reading a huge success!
Well, mostly a huge success. Tonight was the NYRSF Star Trek 50th Anniversary Reading with myself, David Mack, Emily Asher-Perrin, and Steven Barnes, and it mostly went well.

We had some technical difficulties that derailed the first part of the program. Our original intention was to have Steve do a live Skype interview. Unfortunately, both of the technical folks at Brooklyn Commons, where the NYRSF readings are held, were unavailable tonight. So rather than risk trying to do the Skype thing live, I prerecorded the interview last night.

Unfortunately, the playback was a disaster, and we weren't able to make it work. (As a video technical director, I make a dandy writer.) I'm gonna try to clean up the video and post it online later -- by which I mean, get someone who knows what the fuck they're doing to fix what I screwed up.

Steven deserved better, and so did the event, but once it was clear that this wasn't going to work, we moved on.

Dave read from the first book in his Cold Equations trilogy, The Persistence of Memory, specifically the scene where Noonien Soong sacrifices himself in order to resurrect Data.

After that, Em got up and read from one of her favorite Trek novels, The Vulcan Academy Murders by Jean Lorrah.

Following a brief intermission, me, Dave, Em, and Jim Freund (the guy who runs the NYRSF readings) performed Dayton Ward's hilarious skit, "Opening Night," about four friends who go to see Star Trek V: The Final Frontier on opening night in June 1989. It's about the endurance of fandom, and reminds us how little -- and how much -- has changed in 27 years.

I ended the evening with a reading of President Bacco's commencement speech to the 2380 Starfleet Academy graduating class from Articles of the Federation.

It was a wonderful, fun night. There will be video and audio posted online, and I promise links when that happens.

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