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The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Murder at Sorrow's Crown - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
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The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Murder at Sorrow's Crown
I recently read the newest edition in Titan's "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" series, this a novel by my dear friends and colleagues Steven Savile and Robert Greenberger, entitled Murder at Sorrow's Crown.

While Steve and Bob are buddies, that doesn't alter how impressed I am with how well they've at once captured the feel of a Conan Doyle story while still having a modern sensibility, particularly in the portrayal of John Watson, whose medical and military background prove useful in the unfolding of the story. It's a good mystery, with facts slowly unfolding and new revelations flowing naturally from our heroes' investigations. Holmes and Watson sound very much like themselves -- my usual acid test is whether or not I can hear Jeremy Brett and David Burke as Holmes and Watson, respectively, and I totally could here.

My only complaints would be occasional bits of awkwardness in the writing style, a lack of engagement with the actual villains of the piece, who barely make cameos in the story, and the fact that the phrase "Sorrow Crown" doesn't even show up until nearly the end, which is frustrating from it being in the title and all.

But these are minor complaints in an overall fantastic Holmes story that is a worthy addition to the never-ending oeuvre of the great detective. Pick it up from the fine folks at Amazon.......

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