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bit from Marvel's Warriors Three: Godhood's End - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
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bit from Marvel's Warriors Three: Godhood's End
From the upcoming Marvel's Warriors Three: Godhood's End, Book 3 of the "Tales of Asgard" trilogy. This is a bit which the copy editor tagged with the comment, "Ha! This is great!"
Fandral leapt down next to Gulltoppr, bending his knees and rolling over to an upright position before hopping back onto his horse. He had made the mistake of leaping from a second-story window—a much shorter distance than what he traversed this day—right onto Gulltoppr’s saddle, and the suddenness of his impact, as well as the location of same, left him barely able to walk for the next week. Since then, he’d made it a point to only leap from such heights to the spot next to his noble steed, especially given the sheer number of bedroom windows through which he’d needed to escape upon the unexpected return of angry husbands . . .

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