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Holy Rewatch Batman! "The Joker's Last Laugh"/"The Joker's Epitaph" - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
ramblings from a mad fedora'd writer
Holy Rewatch Batman! "The Joker's Last Laugh"/"The Joker's Epitaph"
Joker makes robots and Bruce Wayne gets something to do for a change. The Bat-rewatch has "The Joker's Last Laugh"/"The Joker's Epitaph."

An excerpt:
I love the fact that Batman has a miniature Batcave entrance (labelled, of course, because this is Gotham) for the express purpose of trolling the bad guys. I love that Batman’s plan doesn’t entirely work (well, it mostly does—he does end the counterfeiting), and has the unintended consequence of putting Joker in charge of personnel at the bank. I love that Alfred has to pretend to be Batman, not once, but twice, and he gets to do a bat-climb! (Take that, Sean Pertwee!) I love the glee with which Phyllis Douglas plays Josie—not the best of the molls, but definitely in the upper echelon. I love watching Bruce pretend to be a klutz in order to “help” Joker by really helping Robin. I love that the GCPD, left to their own devices, actually approaches competence for once. (Though I was disappointed to see that Gordon didn’t participate in the bat-fight at the end, staying on the sidelines with Josie. He’s a trained cop for crying out loud!) And I love that Batman is a paragon of virtue and law-abiding-ness right up until the part where Bruce is put in a straitjacket and placed in an insane asylum, at which point he has no problem with Alfred and Robin violating a court order to illegally free Bruce from the paddy wagon.

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